IT Services

From design, through installation and commissioning, to maintenance and support, we offer a wide range of IT services.


From an extra socket within a build room, or the supply of a clean earth to a single piece of sensitive equipment, to the complete design and installation of all electrical services within a dedicated server room, or the small power to tens of thousands of feet of office space, we provide a complete electrical service. We also design, supply and install UPS and generator based backup power distribution systems which range in size from the support of a single cabinet to an entire building.


We design, install and commission both copper and fibre data networks, from the provision of single additional data sockets to more complex installs over multiple floors and tens of thousands of feet of space.

Additionally we can arrange service provisions, including the physical aspects therein - determining cable routes, arranging wayleave and pulling in services from the point of entry in the building to within the client’s domain.


From supplying and installing data cabinets and cable containment, to the supply and installation of equipment including domain controllers and file servers, routers and switches or tape drives and SANs, to the rolling out of large scale wireless networks, we can provide and maintain a wide variety of hardware.


We currently support the IT infrastructure of a number of London based UK offices of between six and fifty staff.

From the occasional remote pair of hands in an office administered by a central IT department to dedicated full time IT support, we offer several levels of service.