Audio/Visual Systems

Control Systems

We specialise in the design and installation of bespoke control systems. Our portfolio covers a wide variety of manufacturers; we don't just resell a particular control system - each installation is unique and our selection of control systems reflect this. We can allow control of integrated systems of almost any size, from building management systems, to whole house control systems, intelligently controlled boardroom complexes or even single cinema rooms or meeting rooms.

Collaboration Spaces

From a hands free telephone within a small meeting room, through interactive whiteboards in the classroom to the largest training rooms and boardroom complexes, we offer a complete design and build service.

We supply and install a wide variety of video conferencing systems, IT, audio and video presentation equipment.

Multi-Room Video

Both domestically and commercially, we supply and install multi-room video systems.

From a domestic property with all the video sources located within a central cupboard and available to be viewed and controlled from every television within the house (in 3D and high definition), to commercial systems broadcasting information throughout and between offices, we offer systems with a wide range of price and performance.

We supply and install video and projector walls as well as a wide variety of digital signage equipment.

Multi-Room Audio

Advances in technology over the last few years have increased the range of different types of multi-room audio systems on the market. From inexpensive wireless mesh systems suitable to retrofit, to dedicated hardwired high fidelity sound systems, we offer a comprehensive range of multi-room audio systems.

From the traditional circular in-ceiling speakers and a wall mounted control panel to invisible speakers plastered into the structure of walls or ceilings with the system controlled by your existing Smartphone there are a wide range of multi-room options.

We also offer complex multi-room audio (for example in complexes of boardrooms or meeting rooms where folding walls can dynamically alter room structure) and 100V commercial systems to cover large spaces at a minimal cost.

Home Cinema

From the installation of a single wall-mounted television with adjacent sound projector to the entire design, build, decoration and calibration of large dedicated cinema rooms, we offer a complete home cinema service.

We specialize in intelligently controlled cinema rooms, where the lighting, cinema curtains and blackout binds, and of course all the A/V equipment, is controlled by a single handheld controller. We can even allow your existing smart phone or tablet to control the room.